Founded in 2008, Henan Zhongtian Electric Equipments Group Co., Ltd is located in Xuchang Industrial Zone and Guizhou Industrial Zone, Henan Province. It is a member of the famous transformer manufacturer in China. Henan Zhongtian Electric Equipments Group Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production, sales and installation of power equipment products.

Henan Zhongtian Electric Equipments Group Co., Ltd has two factories, covering a total area of ​​50,000 square meters, with 260 employees, 36 senior engineers and electrical research and development personnel. The factory has slitting line, cross shear line, vacuum drying, vacuum casting, CNC foil winding machine, CNC winding machine and high voltage no-discharge power frequency test equipment, four-channel partial discharge measurement system, sound level tester, multi-frequency transmission Transformer production and testing equipment such as motors. The company mainly produces epoxy cast dry transformers of 35KV and below, open dry type transformers, phase shifting rectifier transformers, oil immersed distribution transformers, box transformers, switchgear and so on.

Henan Zhongtian Electric Equipments Group Co., Ltd Transformer’s products are serialized and diversified, and can be widely used in cities and large industrial and mining, power plants, airports, schools, municipal engineering and other industries. While continuously expanding and upgrading in the technical support, engineering construction, after-sales service and other business fields, the company has established laboratories with domestic universities and colleges, and has long-term research and technology development, which has continuously improved our process design and advanced technology. Product performance is more stable and the quality is safer and more reliable.

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